Thursday, October 20, 2016

question #30

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planet x has 100 billion inhabitants.

it is divided into five classes of 20 billion persons each. the classes are styled orange, green, purple, mauve, and puce.

every five years five persons are chosen by lottery to rule the planet.

the five persons form a council which administers the economy and all laws, and controls all media, information, and arts and entertainment.

they are also the only persons on the planet whose names and faces are known to the general population, and news and stories about them, and only them, are disseminated by the planet’s media.

what do you think is the fairest way to run the lottery to choose the five persons?

a) to pick five people at random from the entire population of 100 billion


b) to pick one person from each of the five classes of 20 billion?

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