Thursday, November 26, 2015

questions 1 - 12

by bofa xesjum

additional questions by cathy aragon

illustrations by penmarq studios

1. what was joe dimaggio's batting average in 1937?

2. how many home runs did babe ruth hit in 1930?

3. how many electoral votes did wendell willkie get in 1940?

4. who won the pulitzer prize for fiction in 1951?

5. who was jean harlow's best friend?

6. how many daily newspapers were there in new york in 1932?

6-a. how many in san francisco?

7. how do you tie a sailor's knot?

7-a. how do you bake an apple pie?

7-b. what is the best way to bake brownies?

8. do you believe in heaven?

8-a. if yes, what percentage of humans go to heaven?

9. are there more demons or humans in the universe?

10. are there more good persons or bad persons among humans alive today?

10-a. among all humans who have ever lived?

11. is money a) a good thing or b) a bad thing?

11-a. if your answer to 11 is a) should everybody in the world have the same amount?

11-b. if your answer to 11 is b) should it be abolished?

11-c. if money is to be abolished, how many years should it take to abolish it?

a) 100,000 - 500,000

b) 1,000 - 100,000

c ) 100 - 1,000

d) less than 100

e) it should be done immediately

11-d) if everybody is to have the same amount, how much should that be?

12. should the gold standard be reintroduced?


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