Friday, November 27, 2015

question #20

by bofa xesjum

illustrations by penmarq studios

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20) which of the following opening lines of a novel or a story do you find the most effective?

a) once upon a time there was a beautiful young princess. she lived in a faraway castle at the edge of a faraway sea.

b) johnny smith had a big pile of stones and he liked to hide behind them. but what he really liked to do was throw the stones at people passing by..

c) "so these are the sort of fellows you bring me, eh? that you expect me to defend the empire with?"

d) four shots rang out in the night.

e) this guy was walking down the street. suddenly his heart skipped a beat.

f) betty brown had the biggest boobs in boomtown and she bounced bodaciously down the boulevard in her blue bloomers.

g) "i'm afraid i can't use you . you have become useless, quite useless to me."

h) "please don't do this."

i) billy smith was born to kick ass and it pissed him off that he was stranded in such a candyass world.

j) the queen was angry, angrier than even her oldest servants had ever seen her.

k) lady molly laughed easily. "why of course i will subscribe, doctor. put me down for two thousand pounds."

l) "you have been a couple of very naughty girls," said the duke. "but i have something here which will teach you to mind your manners."

m) he watched the red tail lights of the el dorado disappear into the desert.

n) the ancients knew things of which we dare not dream.

o) another day, another ten million dollars

p) "go ahead and scream. no one can hear you."

q) they came out of the night like wild stallions on coke, like hopped up vultures desperate for a last meal

r) although she was not one herself, helen loved beautiful people

s) bob had no friends, but he was far from alone in the world

t) "this is it - positively the last time."

u) "i thought you were my friend."

v) sometimes i think i would like to go far away - far away, where no one has ever gone before.


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